Complete Clinic Management System

Easily manage your patients, prescription, dispensary and billing.

Check on your Clinic Appointments.

Monitor your clinic on the go while having your vacation or golf sessions.

How's my clinic Medicine Level?

Check your Stock Level on the go.
Save Clinics Time.
Simple and Easy Steps.

Manage your entire clinic operation

professionally with just one system.

Patient Management

Patient registration, queue management, patient records, doctors encounter notes, prescription until dispensary.


See and review patients, type in your encounter, comobidities, presciption,follow-up, TCA and etc.

Clinic Inventory

Monitor and Manage your inventory, drug expiry soon, when to restock, repacking and more..

Mobile App for Patients


Easily track and managed your TPA and Direct Panels

Queue Management

Suitable for Clinics with few consultation rooms, x-ray, USG and etc.

Drug Dispensing

Easily dispense medication with drug labels printing.

Group Clinics

Monitor all your clinics anywhere and anytime. Check your clinic performance, reporting, analysis.


Set your patient appointments and follow up reminder.

Human Resource

Managed your staff attendance, salary, leave and claims, roster..